Mar 27

It’s Hard

Things are hard. It’s quite difficult to be away from Hun day in and day out. It’s hard to be displaced, living out of a suitcase in someone else’s residence. It’s also hard to see my father start to make progress, only to have a health episode again lasting for days. It’s hard to do …

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Mar 25

Claiming Mariah – Book Review

Touching, inspiring, and full of detail. That was my experience in reading Pam Hillman’s most recent book, Claiming Mariah. Set in the Old West on a ranch near the small town of Wisdom, Mariah and Slade meet amidst difficult life experiences.  Both whose lives are about caring for their family and doing the best they …

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Mar 19

Returning to Myself

Tonight I was able to get 2 1/2 hours to myself. I almost feel like a new person. How relieving it was to care for myself – alone! I needed that time badly and I’m so very grateful that I was able to get it. Everything just fell into place, without any planning by me. …

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Mar 17

What Am I Doing??

Tonight I was a bad mother. I wasn’t nice. I wasn’t calm. I wasn’t even a little bit happy. I wasn’t loving. I wasn’t compassionate. I wasn’t a good person towards Baby Boy in many ways. I was angry. I was frustrated. I was hurtful and mean. I was harsh. I yelled. I didn’t comfort …

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Mar 12

Low on Fuel

comfort peace strength

The stress is getting to me. Stress of being away from Hun Stress of being on the move every weekend when Hun comes to visit. Stress of trying to manage my life, Baby Boy, my family’s life, my father’s needs, and keeping his place in order. Stress of not getting much, if any, time …

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Mar 05

Fear and Letting Go

It’s hard to be in this place again. The place of fear. Fear and I, though well acquainted overall, aren’t the best of friends. Logically I know things are different with my father this go around, not quite as scary, it’s still difficult to be in a place of not knowing what is going on …

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Mar 03

Gratitude Linkup – Week of 3/2/14

Wow, this year is going by already! One way to stay present and enjoy life, as the days pass, is by remaining grateful for even the smallest of things. One way I do this is by participating in Laurel Regan’s Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad and sharing some of the things I’m thankful for. …

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Feb 28

Internet Eye-Opener

Sometimes I just don’t know how much I rely on the internet. When my father’s internet wasn’t working properly and he made the decision to change providers last week, I wasn’t able to use my computer on the internet. That was tough. It’s already tough being out of my regular routine, though I’m slowly establishing …

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Feb 27

Unstoppable – Book Review

It’s quite rare that I pick up a book and don’t finish it. When this has happened in the past, I’ve plowed through it on occasion, finding some satisfaction in the book or (more often) just being plain bored and uninterested. In more recent years though, if something doesn’t interest me by around halfway, then …

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Feb 26

Share Your World – 2014 Week 8

Cee’s Photography and the weekly list of questions for Share Your World all year long. In answer to the questions, I’ll be sharing extra tidbits about myself! For your convenience, at the end of every “Share Your World” post, I’ll link my previous answers. Previous questions, with answers, from Cee’s Photography can be found here. …

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