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As this pregnancy continues on, I feel better and better.  I keep reveling in the thought that I seem to really be doing so much better this pregnancy than last.  I think a combination of factors, me being home and not expending much mental and physical energy, along with the enjoyment of our home, and having been through pregnancy before.  Therefore I spend much less time time and energy learning about pregnancy and the changes in my body in preparation for labor/birth and having a newborn.

I do think about what it will be like to transition back into newborn days and getting a rhythm with nursing and everything, while still caring for Baby Boy and our home/family.  Overall though, things are going great!

pregnancy, family, growth, park, 19 weeks, second trimester

pregnancy, family, growth, park, fun, summer, heart, 20 weeks, second trimester

pregnancy, family, growth, park, fun, summer, heart, 20 weeks, siblings, second trimester, growing

pregnancy, family, growth, 21 weeks, navel gazing, second trimester

pregnancy, family, fun, growth, second trimester, 22 weeks, park, trees

pregnancy, growth, family, 22 weeks, second trimester, park, fourth of july, independence day, fun

Wow! Look at that belly grow. Sure seems like Baby has plenty of space…for now!

How the Baby and I are doing:

Physical – I’ve been doing really very well. Of course, moving these days is different than moving when not pregnant. Actually, I love to see the sway in my shirt as I walk. It’s so cute to me. Of course, plenty of belly rubbing has been happening. I’m not sure there’s an hour that goes by without me giving Baby some loving and protective rubs. Thankfully, I don’t have many pregnancy related ailments these days. I’m hoping the carpel tunnel will stay away for awhile, as I have some crochet projects I really want to do for Baby.

I do try to get moving every day. It’s quite warm where we live and so taking a walk in the afternoon, my preferred time, isn’t so easy. I definitely get moving around the house through cleaning and being with Baby Boy in the backyard though. We have been to the mountains, so I definitely moved then. I’ve also been fairly consistent at doing some pregnant Pilates most nights. I’m actually considering doing a session twice a day, but we’ll see.

My weight gain has been steady, so I’m now about 20lbs. over pre-pregnancy, which puts me right on track at +/- 165. With Baby Boy I gained about 60lbs. I know some medical professionals may think that’s too much weight.  Yet, after the first trimester, I had steady gain, with no concerns regarding my amniotic fluid and ended up with a nice sized placenta.  Monkey Boy also weighed in at 8lbs. 14oz., so there’s that. I’m not concerned and expect to gain about the same amount this pregnancy.

Mental – Things in this department aren’t horrible. I feel great and am overall happy, minus those minor daily frustrations I have as a Wife and Mother. At times, I really struggle in remembering little things and tasks I want to complete.  When that happens, I try to let it go instead of beating myself up or getting frustrated. I have good focus and am feeling overall pretty free mentally and spiritually.

I’ve also talked with our midwife about some things that I’ve struggled with from Baby Boy’s birth, as well as our doula,and another mother friend. This has certainly helped me to release some of that, which I’ve been holding onto for 2 years.

Emotional – No problems to report here. Sometimes, I get upset quite easily and am also quick to tear up or cry when I’m overwhelmed or frustrated, if something nice or beautiful is around me (or read), or when I’m feeling overjoyed. That last one isn’t so new to me, but it does seem easier for the tears to come.

Symptom Management & Diet – Again, no difficult symptoms to report. I felt Baby move for the first time at 18 weeks 3 days! That’s so much sooner than our last pregnancy. Of course, those little bumps are exciting and so fun to feel! I often get a little grin when I feel Baby moving around. The kicks have gotten a bit stronger since those first feelings and Hun has even felt Baby move a few times!

My breasts and nipple have been sensitive and sore for quite some time now. It seems my milk ducts are definitely gearing up for active nursing again!

My linea nigra has recently started to show. I also get a darker line up the back of both my legs, which started about a month ago. It’s interesting, especially as our Midwife doesn’t recall ever having another mom with a similar line. This line gets darker over the length of my pregnancy.  Last pregnancy, we joked I may be part chimera!

I’m hungry all.the.time.  Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still not too far from the truth. Baby sure is growing and so eating is paramount to helping him or her out!  I enjoy a few snacks a day, a hearty dinner, and a light lunch most days. Sometimes I throw in a protein and fruit shake, plus those little indulgences like ice cream or a milkshake!

I do find that if I have too much junk food, I don’t feel well, may get constipated or puke. Not fun! I generally am pretty cognizant of the junk food I eat, but now I know it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

Thankfully, my water intake is pretty excellent! I’m getting about 100oz. a day, which is just over what would be generally recommended (half your weight in oz). I also enjoy a small cup of juice after dinner when I take my multivitamin, as well as a homemade electrolyte drink, or some herbal tea.

As a family….we are all getting along quite well. It’s so touching when Hun ‘corrects’ me on the number of family members we have now – 4!

I think it’s so adorable and special when Hun lays on my belly and just carries on a ‘conversation’ with Baby. He often says things about how Baby’s growing strong and we’re excited to meet Baby, reminding Baby to stay warm and snug for some more time, and telling Baby we love them. Hun will also comment on Baby moving around and getting strong to play with Baby Boy.

Baby Boy is probably the most in love with Baby of all of us. Or so it seems. Not a day goes by he doesn’t talk about Baby, say “Hello Baby” or “Are you there?”. He’s always wanting to rub, hold, kiss, and hug on Baby. He sometimes wants to lay with Baby, where he rests his head on my belly or lap while simultaneously holding Baby. It’s really quite an amazing thing to see how much he’s loving on Baby. At night, he’ll also want to sleep with Baby, so he’ll crawl under the covers and rest his head near my belly, with his hand rubbing Baby.

I wish I’d taken a picture of Baby Boy’s face when we went to our recent appointment with our midwife and heard Baby’s heartbeat again. And while at my niece’s birthday party when going through the wildlife adventure area, Baby Boy lifted my shirt to make sure Baby could see the Black Bears.

black bear, birthday party, family, adventure, fun, wildlife, dan nichols park

Recently, we checked out an awesome pregnancy anatomy book from the library. Baby Boy loved looking through the book at all the pictures of Baby’s growing and would sometimes point out the umbilical cord. Of course, I always explained that’s how Baby eats and drinks while growing in Momma’s belly. Baby Boy just beams when the subject of Baby comes up!

Also, Baby Boy has been doing tons of suckling in his sleep. This didn’t seem to start until after my milk dried during first trimester. He is also quite interested in the ‘milk’ as he calls my breasts. Both Hun and I think I’ll be tandem nursing once Baby arrives. Of course, I don’t have an issue with this. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll make it work, but I do feel quite confident I’ll be successful once I get a rhythm going.

Of course, we’ve had a few adventures of our own.  And, I’m always trying to figure how/when/where to get in the water! There’s a pool nearby, but we’re not incredibly keen on chlorine, so mostly we don’t go. The kids’ water park isn’t far and we’ll go there or back up to the lake!

pregnancy, family, growth, forest, waterfall, 20 weeks, travel, adventure, fun, second trimester

In other news/Baby Prep – I haven’t started working on sewing cloth diapers. I want to specifically focus on getting at least 10-15 of the smallest size and maybe a few more mediums. Baby Boy seems to be taking to potty training ok, so I’ll revisit this project in another couple of weeks to determine if I’ll need to make even more diapers.

cloth diapers, diy, sewing, diapers, baby, homemade
Diapers I’ve made before

Hun and I had a great conversation about my visions for this birth and why it’s so very important to me and been a bigger focus this go around. There was something very specific I recalled that he didn’t and now understands where some of my feelings come from and why I’ve needed to talk about Baby Boy’s birth lately.

We’re planning a trip to see out of state family and our newest niece in a week. We’ll be driving, as usual, and will take breaks so I can get out and walk or I can even put the seat back and put my feet up to reduce swelling, if need be.

I want to get a blanket or two, a couple warm hats, and at least one onesie, and booties made for Baby. Baby Boy was born in the Spring, so our need for warm things wasn’t as great as it will be this time, since Baby is due to join us in late fall. I’m thinking to crochet these things, which will be fun. I just hope my carpel tunnel doesn’t cause too much trouble until I can get them done….

On a side note, I happen to be pregnant along with 2 other women I know from Triad Family Network. This is really incredibly cool for me, since we can all talk about our experiences, our preparation, and the changes. I love this opportunity to grow with these other women in so many ways and the ability to dialogue face to face with them is truly immeasurable.

Pregnancy & Baby Talk – 23 Weeks of Growing
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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy & Baby Talk – 23 Weeks of Growing

  • July 8, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    I am glad to hear you are doing so well and feel good. Sweet little Baby Boy he is really a proud big brother. I bet things will turn out great. Lovely pictures of you, Baby Boy and the Baby Belly 🙂
    Charlotte recently posted…Poo DaysMy Profile

    • July 8, 2015 at 1:37 pm

      Thanks, Charlotte! I’m glad to be doing so well myself. And Baby Boy…he amazes me with his understanding and connection to his sibling already! And thanks for the compliments! 🙂

    • July 14, 2015 at 5:10 pm

      Well, Baby Boy was 22 months when we got pregnant this time, so I did feel a little recovered from the first, though there are definitely days/times/weeks I don’t feel rested from running behind Baby Boy.

      Overall, things are good. And I don’t know about your experience with your first pregnancy, but I honestly feel better this time, despite the terrible first trimester nastiness! 🙂

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