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Before we really get into the pregnancy talk this week, I want to share with you all a few changes happening here on the blog.

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For the last 2 years, this wonderful child, has been known on the blog as Baby Boy.  In many ways, he’ll always be our Baby Boy, yet he’s not quite a baby any more. Plus, with his sibling on the way, I figured it was high time spunkier names were needed.

Before he was born, we were drawn to monkey paraphernalia. In our house he’s been called by many nicknames, but monkey sticks. So, now, instead of being Baby Boy, he’ll be known as Monkey Boy!

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And in case you’re wondering, Baby on the way will be Turtle Baby. At least until s/he is born and we know what gender to attach to ‘Turtle’!

In addition, though I’ll still be blogging anonymously, I’ve decided to choose a ‘proper’ pseudonym, Kendall Patton.  There’s no real significance to that name, we simply chose it one evening.  I’ve considered doing this in the past, but wasn’t really sure if I wanted to.  Honestly, I was somehow concerned I’d forget whatever pseudonym I’d choose.  Nonetheless, if you see a Kendall Patton around attached to this blog, it’s me!

And now for the delightful pregnancy and baby talk!

We only have about 7 more weeks to go before we meet our second beautiful bundle!!

This is how I’m looking these days.  I’m really beginning to feel the large abdomen and the weight, though Hun (and others) say I’m carrying the baby weight well and I’m definitely not looking ‘fat’.

31 weeks, park, family, pregnancy, playing, fun, third trimester

31 weeks, park, family, pregnancy, playing, fun, third trimester

32 weeks, third trimester, pregnancy, working, meeting

33 weeks, working, pregnancy, third trimester, blogging
That’s actually a cup of ice to keep me working

How the Baby and I are doing:


Overall I seem to still be doing well physically. Things are getting increasingly more uncomfortable and I have to stand to the side, thereby twisting my back a bit, when I do things (cook, wash dishes, etc.). Despite being tired from working in a hot environment all day, I’m grateful Hun is helping out with the dishes.

Turtle Baby is head down and has been for a few weeks now. This, of course, makes me happy. Turtle Baby seems to be pretty happy in this position and our midwife tells me it likely wont be long before s/he starts getting behind my pelvic bone. Thus, I’m feeling more and more pressure in the lower parts of my abdomen/uterus, but all is well.

My fundal height is a bit over again, but not in a concerning sort of way. My weight gain has been steady and is still around what I’d expect. I’m +/- 192lbs. now. This means I’ve gained almost 50lbs. at this point. Still, I’m not concerned, nor is our midwife.  Besides, my blood pressure remains in a good range for pregnancy.

Turtle Baby’s heart rate is quite strong and in the 140 range, with no abnormalities noted.

My last blood test results were very good. My platelet count went up, though my hemoglobin is still on the lower end. I typically run a bit low with the hemoglobin. I did go to a hematologist for 6 months or so, some years ago, just to see if anything might be out of whack. The conclusion after additional testing and monitoring of my levels was that I likely just run low and so long as I’m not experiencing any symptoms (increased fatigue, lymph node swelling,etc).

The carpel tunnel remains more or less manageable. Hun has been helping me wrap my wrist with ice packs for a bit before bed most nights, which seems to help. I still struggle more in the mornings or if I lay on my right side (the worst of my wrists). Crafting is something I can sometimes spend more time on than others, so things are still a work in progress, much to my chagrin.


I’m mostly ok here. Being tired so often is stressful. And the not sleeping well is starting to get to me. Otherwise, I am looking forward to my Blessingway planned for next month.

I definitely seem to have started nesting as I have gotten the kids’ room ready for Turtle Baby’s arrival. Of course, there are projects I want to get done and haven’t yet.  I’ll chalk that up to a lack of time, not being 100% sure of some color and/or fabric choices, as well as creating a bigger to do list than was likely reasonable (especially with a busy busy toddler around).


I’ve been much more emotional lately. I get weepy pretty easily. Although I’d like to largely attribute it to my sleep issues, I know it’s also just the pregnancy hormones. Sometimes, it might also be continuously adjusting to my pregnant body’s limitations. Thankfully, the weepiness isn’t too bad and I can quickly recover.

Hun has been patient, but as this is a ‘newer’ symptom for us during pregnancy, he has been overly concerned when it wasn’t necessary. I imagine it’s difficult for him to see me suddenly tear up or start silently crying over the simplest of things. He’s so kind and thoughtful though, as he’ll just give me a few minutes, a hug, or some other form of reassurance.

Symptom Management & Diet

I’m still eating pretty well. Loving the kale, spinach, and black eyed peas lately. They’re pretty much my staple vegetables at this point. Plus, I’m sticking with vitamins and an alfalfa supplement every day.

I’m focusing on getting more calcium, B12, B6, flaxseed, and magnesium as well. Each of those will help overall, but specifically, bone development for Turtle Baby and (hopefully) not as much leaching from my bones, energy, iron absorption, sleep, leg cramps, and digestion.

As I mentioned a bit earlier, the sleep has become a bit of an issue, in that I’m sometimes up after only 4 or 5 hours and unable to get back to sleep. It’s quite trying, especially as I’m up every couple of hours to use the bathroom anyway. I usually end up doing a bit of work before going back to bed for at least an hour with Monkey Boy.

Thankfully, my water intake is excellent! I’m still getting about 100oz. or so a day. I’m enjoying a cup (or two) of juice after dinner when I take my multivitamin, as well as a homemade electrolyte drink, or some herbal tea (not with hibiscus or bergamot though). I have been indulging a bit with sweets, usually ice cream or a an ice cream bar lately!

As a family….

Monkey Boy still suckles in his sleep and is quite interested in wanting to touch the “milk”. He also is quite keen on stating that the milk comes when the Baby gets here. So, we still think we might be tandem nursing, which will be its own adventure.

Interestingly, Hun and I both have the same guesstimate as for when Turtle Baby might be making an appearance. Further, we’re going to start to get heavy into the packing stuff and other final preparations.

I have a very strong desire and need for these things to be in order before we go into labor. I feel that if they aren’t, it’ll throw off my birth experience and thus my mental and spiritual focus.

In other news/Baby Prep

Next month, Monkey Boy and I will be migrating closer to our midwife and the state line to stay with some very important-to-me people, who have graciously opened their home to us in preparation for birth.

We’re doing this to avoid the rush a potential hours long drive in labor would likely be, especially as this will be our second child and typically labor with second children tends to progress more quickly than with firsts. I’m not sure what this will really mean for me, but we definitely don’t want me further away than necessary in the final weeks.

Hun will not be coming with us and we have already discussed and agreed that no matter the time of day or night, at the first niggling of something happening, he’ll get a call. This is especially important in that of he’s at work he’ll need to wrap up what he’s doing and immediately hit the road. His “birth bag” will be in the trunk of the car, therefore requiring no additional thought or planning.

On another note, I wanted a new birthing gown. I like the idea of having a specific birthing gown.  Thanks to some sewing machine issues (repair shop and all), Hun wasn’t able to complete the one he’d designed for me for Monkey Boy’s birth.

But, recently, I saw some photos of me in our almost last minute birthing outfit (found at a thrift store – woo hoo!).

labor, birth, contractions, carolina community maternity center,

And then, Hun saw them too, and commented that he “really likes that outfit on me”. And I had to admit, he was right. The outfit is nice. It was great for all the laboring and so easy to move around in. It was also so easy to put on and take off as I needed or wanted to. Plus, retrospectively, the color does look amazing on me. Not to mention it really fits a certain image of myself, the more hippy-like, natural, free flowing image.

So, I don’t think we’ll be looking for or making a new birthing gown. We’ll stick with the one we have and I’m sure when the time comes, I’ll love all that it is and all that it offers! Plus, it’ll be like a tradition at that point. And I love making/creating traditions for our little family!!

As for the kids’ room. We’ve made slight progress, in that we’ve actually cleaned it out, re-laid down the carpet and hung the curtains.

The linens are washed and the bassinet is now in place, the changing table setup is (mostly) done, the cart is (mostly) set up, and so is the plastic “dresser” we re-purposed. I wanted to get the closet space set up per the design we envisioned, but haven’t been able, thus the plastic “dresser” for now.

I want to sew a cover for the top of our re-purposed changing table, but alas that may not happen until after Turtle Baby arrives.

Next up is:

  • changing out our closets for cold weather
  • finally finishing Turtle Baby’s first blanket
  • trying to do a quick hat
  • packing our birth bags
  • gathering/purchasing our birth supplies
  • buying Turtle Baby’s first outfit (to wear home)
  • packing for Monkey Boy and I’s temporary relocation
  • getting some meals in the freezer
  • maybe sewing a few diapers (yes, that’s still on the list)
  • lining up possible help during our lying in period
  • gathering all supplies for placenta encapsulation and tincture
  • and a final whole house cleaning!

Still so much, but also generally little and relatively quick projects!

With about 7 weeks to go, it’s crunch time!

Questions for me as I enter these last 7 weeks of pregnancy? Any advice or ideas on sleep? Have I missed anything? What was your last month or two of pregnancy like?

Pregnancy & Baby Talk: 34 Weeks, Name Changes, and More
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