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I’ve decided to start writing out my goals in a more direct manner. I love to-do lists and the jolt I get every time I cross something off the list. Yet, I also find that I’ll pull myself in a million different directions with seemingly no actual direction or course, mostly because I don’t completely finish one thing before starting another. Before I became a mom, I didn’t have this many issues with creating and striving towards goals. Then again, of course, I only had myself and work to focus on. At that time, I wasn’t involved in the day-to-day growth and development of two children whom I love so very much. I also wasn’t needed in the ways I’m now needed.  And, I surely didn’t need to work on aligning myself with another person.

I could practically do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, whether it was spontaneous or not. I could uproot my entire life in the span of a couple months (or more quickly if I really wanted). I could have noise in my apartment or complete silence. If I wanted to spend and hour at the gym every day, no problem. If I’d had a rough day or week and didn’t really feel like cleaning, I didn’t have to. There was no one to answer to, no structure to work on maintaining for the sake of anyone but myself. I could sleep in if I wanted, basically lay in bed all weekend reading books, grab an unscheduled drink or lunch or dinner or whatever with a friend, or multiple friends even.

Shall I go on? Probably not. I’m sure you get the point. Heck, if you’re a mom, you probably didn’t even need to even read those last paragraphs. I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s nothing worse than being reminded of things I once didn’t have trouble with.  If that’s you, sorry for the reminder. Nonetheless, since I’ve claimed Intention as my word this year, I thought it would behoove me to be intentional in all areas.

So, every month, starting now, I’m publishing a list of goals I plan to focus on for that month. Some of my goals will be ongoing, but I want to take little steps every day towards them.  For those goals, I’ll list them as long as they apply. Some goals will make it off the list and then you can join me in doing a happy dance! And, of course, as I progress and complete goals, I’ll add new goals! And as priorities or life circumstances change, I may revamp the whole list. But, for now, let’s get to the goals I’ve set for myself this year.

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Self Care & Development

This area goes at the top of the list because, in essence, everything flows from it. Also, because I think it’s important to ensure good self care, whether you have children or not. I know I feel much better and more alive, awake, free, and creative when I take care of myself.  When my internal needs are met, I approach everything with a better perspective.

* I felt pretty good in my immediate postpartum period with Turtle Boy, but now that he’s 7 months old, I’m really feeling the pull to make some improvements in my both my overall wellness and my fitness level. To that end, I plan to workout at least 4 times a week. I’ve found this Moms Into Fitness YouTube channel and am enjoying it. I like Lindsay Brin’s style and the ease of the exercises.  As a mom herself, the exercises are geared toward moms and those with diastasis recti.

* I also want to work on consistently drinking at least 60ozs of water each day. I do love water and I love drinking it. I’m finding though that my water intake decreases as I’m busy. Yet, with the heat and humidity, plus playing with the littles, it’s ever more important that I get my intake up.

Ideally, I should probably drink about 85ozs. on a normal day and even more in the hot and humid summer. I don’t want this goal too high for now, else I’ll constantly feel I’m failing and that’s not good. And, I have this good purple water bottle that holds 24ozs. (yes, I measured), so as long as I drink a full 2 and a half bottles a day, I’ll be reaching this goal. I would like to see myself drinking 3-4 full bottles a day, but like I said, I’ll work my way up to that by being consistent with 60ozs. first.

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* In terms of my creativity, I’d really like to finish a crochet project I’m working on. I found this great pattern on Pinterest and I immediately knew who I wanted to make it for. I’ve started, but haven’t done much in the last couple weeks and I really want to get back to it. Besides, I like crochet as a calm and quiet activity, so it’s great for unwinding or as a break between activities at home.

* I also want to finish at least 1 additional art/creativity project. I have something in mind that I started on and need to polish up a bit before finalizing. So, this month, I want to get that done as well.

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Family, Relationship, & Home

The 3 most important people in my life today are Hun, Monkey Boy, and Turtle Boy. We might all live together. We might even do many things together. Honestly though, I’m not always focused. Besides, Hun and I aren’t connecting much these days, which is only leading to more stress and frustration on my part. More attention can go a long way to enhancing and improving these very important relationships.

* I really want to make sure I spend a solid15-20 minutes with Monkey Boy, undistracted, at least twice a day. This can be us doing something together outside, me playing with him on the floor, us reading together, him helping me cook or clean, or even us just hanging out. This one will be hard, as Turtle Boy is almost always in our midst. So, I’ll call this a win, if I’m undistracted with both of them at once twice a day for 15-20 minutes.

* Lately, Hun and I aren’t connecting as much.  Overall, I’m more frustrated and stressed in general.  So, I really want to have at least 1 movie night with Hun this month, preferably without the kiddos. If they’re with us, but sleeping, I’ll also call this a win!

* As it’s summer and the weather is nice, albeit hot, I’d love for us to get wet somewhere other than home. This month, I want us to visit a lake or other source of water at least once! On the plus side, we have a friend who now has a lake house not far from us and we’ve been meaning to get with them for about a month. Or if our schedules don’t coincide, we recently found a new place to visit that also isn’t too far, so we can make a day trip of it.

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* Oh, and I have another project I’d like to finish this month. I’m excited to finish this one! I started and then it rained for awhile and I haven’t gotten back to it. But, that’s not entirely my fault either, because we need to replace the tabletop and that wasn’t part of the original plan. The rain we had a few weeks back created a problem, which was unexpected (at least on my part).

* Remember that nice garden plot we made last year? Well, the plot has been de-weeded and re-composted.  Now I just need to plant some seeds. Unfortunately, the window I really wanted to follow has fallen through this year, but I’m still going to try. If I get a few things out of the garden, I’ll be happy. So, this month, I want to plant seeds in the garden!

* And one more house related project. I want to start working on creating our reading corner as I envision it. I’m really excited about this project, as well.  I have a vision for this particular space, that’s better utilized, while remaining more organized. I want to make it more fun and inviting, while also being a space within a space, and comfortable for more than just reading. I have the plans all drawn out, paint chosen, and other little tools I need for part of the project. I just need to get a few more things and then I’ll be ready to get to it.

Blogging and Business

Obviously, blogging is important to me. And, by extension, I have goals that will not only help me to grow my blog, but also to keep me consistent and accountable. In addition, I have some bigger goals I’ve been thinking about when it comes to blogging, the internet, and the general business of things. And, this year, I’d like to see some real progress happen with all of these things.

So, this is an area that I will be working on constantly, but I want to let you all know what’s going on around here.

* I want to blog more consistently at least twice a week. I think this is the best and easiest schedule for me to manage right now. I’m ok with not keeping up with everything, but I definitely feel that pull and then I start going in a million different directions and places. So, 2 posts a week is plenty and will keep me focused. I plan to stick to dedicating Mondays and Thursdays for new posts. This doesn’t mean I won’t do an additional post, but I’m only holding myself to 2 posts each week.

* I don’t yet own a nice DSLR, so I’ll continue working on my (smartphone) photography. I’ve picked up different ideas and tips surrounding photography over time, yet I’ve always been of the mind that since I’m only using my phone, there’s nothing I can do. Recently though, I’ve begun to think the opposite is actually true. So, I’m working on that. And, though I really want to learn more about editing, I have started to use a couple editing apps. And, last month I joined Tamara Bowman of Tamara(like)Camera and the SITS girls for a mini-series on photography. (Tamara’s blog is great, by the way, so if you’re not already, I recommend going and following her.)

* In order to make sure I’m maintaining a presence on social media, I also want to keep up with scheduling some posts, and still being able to engaging with others.

* And, as I’ve mentioned, I have some ideas for what I want to do with this online space of mine, so I want to work on some of those ideas this month, as well.

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That’s my list. Does it seem big and full of doing? It does to me, too, but I kind of like it that way. I like having a few things going on that somehow enhance me or our life here as a family, because otherwise I think I’d literally go crazy being around Monkey Boy’s energy and being Turtle Boy’s personal everything right now. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it all much of the time, but honestly a woman needs more to stay grounded and grow and develop, too. Or at least, this woman does. Afterall, I’m not just a Mom. My career is Motherhood, but Motherhood is not the entirety of me.

Now, it’s your turn. Let me know some of the goals you want to achieve, whether for this month or the summer or the year. Also, I’m open to tips and suggestions on ways to keep motivated with goals and how to track the accomplishment of various goals, so please share.

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Goals for June 2016
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