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I almost can’t believe it’s November already. To me, somewhere around the middle of October it felt like the days were slowing down a bit. But, then the last week of October everything went so fast, I’m surprised I don’ t have whiplash. Between the boys being sick that last week of October and my simultaneously attempting to prepare for exciting new changes, 10 days ago feels like 2 days ago.

Nonetheless, here it is November and there’s less than 60 days left in 2016. A lot has happened so far this year and I’m sure there’s still plenty of time for more to happen. I definitely want to finish 2016 well and I’m certainly setting some goals to accomplish a good bit by the end of the year.

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Let me first recap what goals I achieved in October.

As for working out, I did pretty well. I was able to work out most every week at least 3 or 4 times. Last week, I didn’t, opting to snuggle and hang with the boys instead.

I did complete the slippers for the boys and I started working on some bright and happy making socks for myself. I also crocheted some slippers for a friend’s little boy, too.

Happy making yellow sock for fall & winter!

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Outside of the bit of crochet I did, I didn’t really do anything else creative. I did get my business cards designed, so there’s some creativity.

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Hun and I were able to find a few moments where we could spend some time together. I’m grateful for the moments and slightly larger chunks of time we were able to spend together. It’s so important to have that time to reconnect and talk, uninterrupted, and relax a bit. Hun’s birthday went well. I ended up making a Spanish-inspired meal I hadn’t made in quite some time and also baked him a homemade cake with, yes, homemade buttercream frosting!

In October, I also spent more time playing and reading with the boys, too. I love having quieter time with the boys, where we can connect when reading. Monkey Boy is especially excited for us to read together and he curls himself beside/on me, while asking or talking about the story as we’re reading.

Also, I did a few Facebook live sessions. I talked about routines and ways to establish ones that work for you and your family. If you missed them, head over to my Facebook page and make sure you’re following me, so you get the alerts of upcoming events and when I do go live.

As you can see, October wasn’t too bad when it came to completing some goals. Now, with all the changes coming in November, I hope to still rock some goal achievement. Yet, I’m also going to do my best to keep my goals a little basic and simple.

Self Care & Development

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how I’ll reach these goals in November because of the changes that we have going on. I’m surely going to try my best though.

* I plan to keep working out. I love how I feel when I workout and the way my body feels after a workout. It certainly takes me back a bit. And, I know I have a ways to go, but I can already sense a bit of change and it feels great.

Now’s a good time to mention my friend, Justin Cox of Kettlebell Burn is starting a 14 day challenge on Nov. 7th. His programs are also so simple and aimed at helping you to incorporate your fitness into your life easily. This 14 day challenge will be no different, I’m sure. Check out all of Justin’s programs on his site, Kettlebell Burn.

* Speaking of health and fitness. Water is such an important element. Now that the temperatures are cooling down and we start preparing for Winter next month, I’m going to track my water intake. I know that sometimes I struggle to drink enough water every day when it’s colder.

* I hope to finish the socks I started working on. Those socks are only for me, I’m using more of my bright yellow sock yarn as I thought they’d be a perfect way to bring some bright to upcoming cold days. They’re taking a bit of time to do, mostly because the yarn and hook are so small, but also because it’s tedious to crochet entirely in single. I just hope, even if I don’t finish them, I get a bit of time to at least wrk on them.

* In October, I did do some reading and in November I hope to do some, as well.

Family, Relationship, & Home

This is the area in which the most and biggest changes are happening. I aim to give myself as much grace as possible, as we face the challenges that big change brings. If anything, this is probably the area of my life I’ll spend the most time working on this month. And, because of the big changes, I’m a little nervous about how things will go and how we’ll handle the transition.

* Start working. This month, I’ll start a work-at-home job 4 days a week. The job itself, should be easy enough, so that’s not what I’m most concerned about. I’m most concerned about how well the boys will handle my working. Yes, I’ll be home, but I’ll actually be unavailable for anything in any way. I’ll be locked in our office space for work, so I’m nervous about the noise level. I’m really hoping it won’t be too disruptive, because I don’t want to have them out of our home.

* Secure childcare. Obviously, because I’ll be unavailable during my working hours, the boys will need someone to watch them and help them with meals and snacks. Plus, someone needs to be available to play with them, as well. We’ve been on the hunt for childcare and I hope we find someone who’s not only willing and able to work for us, but who’s also a good fit for the boys.

* Slow Cooker meals. Again because of my starting work in November, I’ll be using our slow cooker much more often. I enjoy using it occasionally, but now this will become almost a necessity. Especially if we, as a family, want to keep working on our bigger goals. My working will help us with those goals, but not unless we’re intentional about things like cooking. I do imagine, the transition will be quite interesting, but there’s so many resources and recipes out there for slow cooker meals. In fact, I know Jenny of Jenny Evolution (link here) started a 30 day slow cooker challenge, which should be perfect for us.

* Get office 90% done. Our office space was an absolute mess. We started working on it at the beginning of the year. Then, when my Dad died, improving and organizing our office didn’t happen. Partly from basic neglect, partly from feeling overwhelmed, and partly because we I wasn’t entirely sure where we’d left off. When I did figure it out, months later, I still didn’t work on it. Nonetheless, we’re about 40% ready, but we still have a ways to go. We need to get to it very soon though, because I need some of that space for my new job. Plus, having that space again will be good when it comes to blogging.

* Family Command Center. This is a project we’ve had on a waiting list of sorts. Because I always think I can get so much more done in a day or week, even while caring for the boys, it’s hard for me to have things on a list. Yet, I also knew it was important. (Remember the reading corner project I wanted to do a few months back?) Here’s the thing though, with me working, having a functional command center becomes even more important. I won’t be available to run our household in the same ways I usually do, hence the need for a command center. Basically, this will be a place we can make sure things are written and visible for all to see. It’ll also be a everyone (namely Hun, for now) can check in to see what is or will be happening and what needs to happen.

* And, with the upcoming holidays, I also need to finalize plans for the holidays. Between Hun’s job and the one I’m starting, it’s important that we know what our extended family’s want to do so we can determine what and where we’ll be available. As it stands, our family attendance for gatherings may be paired down significantly.

Blogging and Business

* Attend Blogalicious in Atlanta!  I’m so excited about attending!  This will be my first ever blog conference and the first time I’ll ever meet, in person, any bloggers!  I know I’ll meet plenty of people, I just hope to make some new friends.  Turtle Boy will be with me throughout the conference and the days are so jam-packed, my hope is to be able to manage it all.  Well, that and not come off all weird and overly nervous to others.

* Other than attending my first ever blog conference, I want to continue working on the blog.  I both want and need to get ahead with some things.  I’m also thinking I might hire a virtual assistant to help with some things I struggle with and don’t enjoy very much.

* I also want to keep working on the stats for the blog.  I also want to have clearer goals, which will help when it comes to stats.  So, I definitely will be working on blog specific goal setting, as well.  Don’t worry though, this space will not become one in which I spend most of my time talking about blogging.  This space centers around Motherhood, Homemaking, and Family.  I wouldn’t change that for anything.  Those are the things most important to me and I intend to keep it that way.

fall, leaves, red, yellow, trees, november, monthly goals, achievement, goal setting, goals, november, life, family,

So, those are my goals for November.  Writing them all down like this seems like a lot, but many of them are so interconnected, I think they’re more manageable than they seem right now. Plus, as usual, I’ll be evaluating and re-evaluating not only my progress with these goals, but the goals themselves, throughout the month.

What goals do you have for November?  Tell me, what are some of the ways you use to track, plan, and achieve your goals?

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